The legal procedures necessary for establishing a startup are considered the first and most important steps entrepreneurs have to take. Startups that seek legal advice early can avoid some of the most common mistakes and pitfalls that can trigger legal issues, ruin deals, cause financial repercussions, or limit their ability to reap the full rewards of their idea. We believe that lawyers are a source of support for every business, to make better decisions and grow with confidence.

Getting good legal advice can be costly and time-consuming for any startup. Therefore, H&P offers startups and entrepreneurs cost-effective legal services arrangements and fixed-fee packages tailored to their specific needs, to help ensure success from the outset. We have a team of lawyers specialized in dealing with startups, to provide our entrepreneurs with legal consultation, support, and services including entity formation, intellectual property protection, compliance with employment laws, tax planning, and financing.

Our services include:

  • Providing legal risks and compliance report.
  • Setting process and documents for investigations.
  • Registering and applying policies and regulations at the labor office and managing the legal situation for the labor office audits.
  • Registering and applying the social insurance plans for wages and managing the legal situation for the social insurance office audits.
  • Forming, Drafting, and Revising employment, commercial contracts, and legal letters.
  • Providing legal opinions.
  • Providing the Human resources department with legal forms for the employee’s relationship and Employment process with the corporate and advising with the legal opinions for legal situations according to the Egyptian laws to decrease risks.
  • Issuing work permits for expats.
  • General Assemblies (ordinary and Extra-ordinary meetings), board of members meetings, and organization legal status (drafting and registering at GAFI).
  • Registering the trademarks, logos, copy rights, intellectual property prosecutions.