Our HR Services Group provides clients with an efficient and cost-effective service that encompasses employment, business immigration, and employee incentives & benefits. We cover all aspects of our clients’ relationships with their employee’s collective issues.  H&P provides legal advice in all areas of labor law to handle all aspects of regulatory labor law and social insurance for clients, from the registration and maintaining of files with the authorities and settle disputes in the most effective manner including dealings with labor unions. We offer clear, practical suggestions for achieving your business objectives and maintain a calm and resolute defense of your interests in the face of any difficulties, disputes and deadlines.

H&P helps employers arrive at sound and mutually beneficial employment policies, leveraging the deep knowledge of the international labor laws and practices. Close collaboration with H&P Global Network enables us to better understand global employers’ needs and effectively address concerns about maintaining a workforce. We represent international and domestic companies in industries ranging from education, business process outsourcing, information technology and telecommunications, to pharmaceuticals and healthcare, and manufacturing.

We have a history of providing safe solutions to employment laws, minimizing employer liability and building law-abiding work environments

Our services include:

  • Legal risk and compliance reports
  • Managing the investigations process and related inquiries
  • Registering and applying policies and regulations at the labor office
  • Managing legal situations at the labor office & the social insurance office
  • Registering and applying the social insurance plans for wages
  • Forming employment, commercial contracts, and legal letters
  • Providing legal opinions and legal notes and representation for the labor cases
  • Litigation
  • Providing full legal tailored solutions to Human Resources Management
  • Managing expats portfolios
  • Strikes and compensation plans